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How to make your sales team all-stars - Better sales performance

How to make your sales team All-Stars

5 Steps to Better Sales Performance: How to Coach Your Team

How is it possible that in the same environment and under the same conditions, some reps achieve outstanding results while others struggle just to make their quota? In this eBook we reveal the proven methods the best sales managers rely on to close the sales performance gap between average performers and All-Stars.

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How to accelerates sales performance

How to accelerates sales performance

Learn sales best practices from successful managers.

Picking up the phone is not only one of the best ways to connect with customers, it's one of the best prospecting tools you can have in your arsenal. It's the way to take the lead, and succeed. Download this eBook to learn:
  • How to efficiently organize your sales team
  • Best practices to prepare for a call
  • A list of external resources for further study
  • Tips on how to make a connection every time

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Benefits of an Automated Approach - Asset Inventory Audits

Benefits of an Automated Approach - Asset Inventory Audits

Exploring the present state of audits of fixed assets, as well as what changes can be made to improve the process.
Audits of fixed assets tend to be cumbersome, infrequent and perhaps the most routinely avoided, especially when you consider a company's internal controls. The quality of the underlying data is often out of date and, for audit purposes, difficult to use. As a result, the fieldwork becomes tedious and the reconciliation process inaccurate. Often the results are viewed with suspicion. Although, the requirement for conducting an inventory of fixed assets has not changed, the way a company conducts an audit and the level of commitment it has to reducing risk and making the process more accurate and cost effective can change.

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How to create innovative teams

Discover how to create innovative teams
- vastly improve our business
- energize our workers

Best Practices for Nurturing High Performing Teams

Some people believe high performance teams come together and innovate due to luck—the right people happen to be together in a room at the right time. By reviewing moments in history that resulted in some of our biggest innovations—from the light bulb to the airplane—you will see that luck has very little to do with it. Working to create an innovative environment with high performers is possible in any environment if the proper measures are taken to make it work.

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- Biometrics Boosts ROI of Time and Attendance Systems
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